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MultiCorp International, Inc is a company that is poised to capitalize in the medical and energy fields.
Over the past three years the company has expanded its reach globally to position itself in the global
fuel and oil business. The management of the company has continued to create strategic
relationships with global sellers, refineries, and title holders that work with the company to market
and sell crude oil products to include JP54, Jet A1, Crude oil, D2, and other fuels and commodities.

In addition to the energy sector, the progression of the patented migraine medicine in the medial
sector of the company is poised to have the potential to bring in significant revenues for the
company. The recent engagement of Compass Point Research and NDA Partners will help the
company navigate its way through the FDA approval process thereby allowing the company to bring
the product to market for global distribution or entertain offers to buy out the patent.

MultiCorp International, Inc. will continue to explore other opportunities in emerging markets
wherein management can look to invest, acquire, or partner with companies and/or business models
that will grow revenues and bring shareholder value for many years to come.